A tenancy contract or guarantor agreement has been sent to me, but I haven't received the email. What can I do?

If you haven't received the email, you should first contact the property manager to confirm that the email address is entered correctly. If it needs to be amended, they can do so for you. If the email is correct, you should then check that the email wasn't sent to your spam/junk folders.

Can I download a PDF copy of the tenancy contract before I sign it?

No, you will not be able to download the tenancy contract until all parties have signed.

However, you have the ability to share the contract digitally. During the signing process, you can either copy the link, or use the email option.

On each step under the Save & continue button, there is a 'Share contract' option. This allows you to:

  1. Copy the link.

    • The person you send the link to will be able to view the contract; or

  2. Email the link.

    • Once you enter the email address and click Send email, the person you send it to will receive an email with the subject line [Tenant name] shared a contract with you. The email will contact a link (the same as the one that you can copy) that will allow them to view the contract.

What documents do I need to provide during the signing process?

The information you need to provide is required by the property manager. If you need to check that a document is acceptable, you will need to contact the property manager directly. Their contact details will be displayed on the page and also included in any email correspondence relating to the tenancy.

I've put in my details, but I'm not able to save them and sign. What should I do?

If you're unable to proceed to signing, you should first check that there are no error messages (in red) on the page. You will not be able to save and continue until all fields are correctly completed.

If all fields are complete and you're still unable to save and continue, you should check the internet browser that you're using. Using Internet Explorer can lead to a number of issues as it's no longer supported by Microsoft. You should instead use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge to complete the process.

Should you still have trouble, contact the property manager and include as many details as possible on the issue you're having (error messages, browsers used, devices used, relevant screenshots).

There's an error on the tenancy contract. How can this be amended?

For any changes to the tenancy contract, you will need to contact the property manager directly as any changes can only be made by them.

Your property manager is your point of contact for any questions relating to your tenancy.

What payment options do I have to pay my deposit?

You can pay your deposit by UK bank transfer, card (if your UK bank isn't supported), or international bank transfer.

How can I download another copy of the tenancy contract once it's been signed by all parties?

You can download a copy of the agreement directly from your account when logged in from https://sturents.com/student/tenancy.

Can I change the email address for the tenancy?

If the tenancy hasn't been signed by all parties, you can contact the property manager to change the email address for you. The new email address will be a new account so you'll need to use that to sign in.

If the tenancy has been signed by all parties, then the email address associated with your tenancy cannot be changed. As long as you retain your password, you can continue to sign into your account and access and documents.

However, you have the option to change the email address associated with your StuRents account, which you can find more information on here: Changing your email address