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After you submit the tenancy contract, it is emailed to all the tenants in the contract with the How To Rent Guide PDF attached.

Accessing the tenancy

From the email, the tenant needs to click the Sign contract button.

  • Email subject: [AGENT NAME] has sent you a tenancy contract to sign

New users will need to first create their account.

This step depends on your Operations plan:

  • Branded - Pro or Business Operations plans

    • New user

      • Create account

    • Existing user

      • Request a login link if no password created

      • Login using account password

  • Un-branded - Basic Operations plan

    • New user

      • Create a password for account

    • Existing user

1. Property

  • Property address

  • Review the contract details including:

    • Start and end date

    • Any bills that are included

    • Deposit pp (if any)

    • Total rent for the contract

  • The box on the right shows:

    • The rent and payments specific to the tenant

    • Any deposit payment due at the point of signing

    • If deferred deposit is used, then it will show when the deposit is due

2. Application

This step includes:

  • Your details

  • Additional information

  • Supporting information

  • Guarantor information

Your details

This steps requires the tenant fill in personal information regarding themselves.

Additional information

  • Any additional required information that you’ve selected in your Contract settings.

Find out where to change those fields here: Contract settings | StuRents Guides

Supporting documents

  • The required supporting documents the tenant needs to provide

  • Any additional documents you’ve selected in your Contract settings

  • These documents can be reviewed by you after the form has been submitted, and rejected on an individual basis Un-approving a tenant's documents | StuRents

Guarantor information

  • UK guarantor

    • Name and email address

  • I don’t have a guarantor

    • The tenant will need to contact you directly

  • Housing Hand (if you’ve allowed this option)

    • Shows the cost and terms for using Housing Hand as the guarantor

3. Review and sign

  • Review the tenancy

  • Scroll to the bottom to sign

  • Sign using finger/mouse

  • Sign by typing

4. Payment

If any payments are due during the signing process, the tenant will need to complete the payment before their signature is considered complete.

Guide: Tenancy payment options

5. Tenancy signed

Tenants will receive an email with a copy of the tenancy contract once all parties have signed.

They will also be able to download the tenancy from their account.